About RSTC Enterprises

In 2002, the founders of RSTC Enterprises, Inc. began collaborating on product ideas for satellite mounting equipment. Drawing on their various contracting experiences in the cable, satellite, and construction fields, the RSTC partners set out to find a way to incorporate a rooftop mounting option into existing building practices.

For years the founders of RSTC worked with installers from the satellite, solar, roofing, low voltage and building industries.  RSTC was invited to work side by side, educating and learning from field crews in these industries and have since helped with thousands of installations over the years.

RSTC began by creating mounting solutions for satellite dishes and antenna. Many material options for constructing a solid base, including plastic resin, were considered. The decision to use metal was made by utilizing the insight from installation and building companies and understanding that they had to protect properties with the best professional products with the best product warranties for any and every environment. CommDeck was the original result of those efforts.

Since then, RSTC launched the SolaDeck product line. SolaDeck was first introduced to the solar industry at the “Solar Power International” conference in 2007. Based on the design of CommDeck, RSTC teamed up with solar installers, consultants, and manufacturers to create the original innovative solar power combiner enclosure. Installers at the time had been using various poly-carbonate boxes to make PV panel connections. Fatal flaws were discovered with plastic resin products. The field failure rate due to UV issues and eventual cracking from the harsh weather conditions (severe low temps, high temps coupled with hail) made it clear that these enclosures had to be metal.

Metal enclosures are extremely environmentally friendly, which is important for a green industry. RSTC already had a history of making parts from metal that could withstand the rigid wind load standards of the satellite dish industry. These parts are still in the field today, 20 years later, intact and protecting properties across the nation from the damage of water intrusion while providing a safe entry through the roof. As a result, RSTC confidently provides a lifetime warranty on our parts. They are the best junction boxes available for the satellite and solar industries.

At the end of the day, it is not always about price when it comes to the critical parts used for roof installations: it’s about risk, peace of mind and your customer. If you want to have the best installation, whether it be solar, satellite or security, your solution is using the best product with a proven field history.  These products are RSTC’s CommDeck and SolaDeck.

Our Mission

RSTC Enterprises, Inc. produces American made, flashed PV roof mounted combiner enclosures. These products have revolutionized the installation methods without compromising the integrity of the roofing system. The vision of RSTC is to continue the development of innovative products that will improve the solar industry.