The Best PV Junction Boxes for Professional Installers

Labor-Saving, Fast Installation

Knockouts in left, right and bottom sidewalls eliminating drilling. Slotted cover secured with one pre-installed set screw.

Premium Quality

Crafted from American-sourced steel, SolaDecks are stamped, powder coated, and assembled in Wisconsin. They are UL1741 certified and meet Type 3R standards.

Guaranteed Not To Leak

The original V-shaped design is specifically engineered to ensure proper water drainage and runoff. Weep holes in the base allow moisture, caused by condensation, to safely escape from the box. Flashing into two layers of shingle course ensures proper water shedding.

Maximum Safety & Security

Steel boxes offer superior fire protection, and the durability of powder-coated steel provides long-term peace of mind.

The SolaDeck Product Line

There are four SolaDeck product lines to choose from based on the type of roof and the voltage of your project.

Our boxes are compatible with industry standard bus bars, fuse blocks, and rail mount components. Full details are available in the installation manual.


SolaDeck 0599

For asphalt or cedar roofs with systems rated to 600V

SolaDeck 0799

For asphalt or cedar roofs with systems rated to 600V

SolaDeck 0766

For deep tile or slate roofs with systems rated to 600V

SolaDeck 0999

For asphalt or cedar roofs with systems rated to 1000V

Our Job Is To Make Your Job Easier

The SolaDeck isn’t just the most durable box on the market – it’s been extensively researched and designed to make your installs easy and hassle-free.

Fast, Effective, Consistent Installs

Using a SolaDeck junction box gives you a quick, streamlined procedure for connecting your PV junction equipment. It’s faster, easier, more secure, and it looks great!

Flashed PV Enclosure

The SolaDeck provides a ridged flashing that easily slides into your roof system. This provides a secure, weatherproof penetration on your roof for your PV wiring while eliminating the worry of future roof damage.

Go Greener with SolaDeck

Take your eco friendly project one step greener! Did you know that 80% of metal is recycled and can be recycled indefinitely? Currently, per Consumer Reports only 8% of plastic is recycled and can only be recycled one time! Click here for additional info!

The Details Make The Difference

When designing our junction box, we insisted on getting it right. We applied our own deep experience as contractors, and collaborated with roofers, satellite / solar installers, HVAC installers, and other professionals who understand what both time and the elements do to outdoor roof-mounted equipment. And the result is the SolaDeck.

Powder-Coated Steel, Not Plastic

A SolaDeck will withstand cold from cracking, heat from melting, and the ravages of nature including hail, tree debris, or storm damage. In the event of a catastrophic system failure that results in a fire inside the box, the SolaDeck can keep it contained.

Tested Extensively

Our units live outside. That is why we have tested them for exposure to the blazing sun, the freezing cold, the harsh sea air of maritime climates, and everything in between. We test them above and beyond anything they’ll ever experience, so they will perform above and beyond your expectations.

Built To Last

Each and every SolaDeck – from steel coil to finished product – is made in the USA by craftsmen that take pride in their work. We don’t cut corners, and we stand behind every SolaDeck we sell. That’s probably why there are units from 20+ years ago that are still in the field and going strong!